Monkey Mei Tai is a British company who make handmade baby carriers with free-style embroidery. They have a range of both stock and made to order items. This carrier is a padded to wrap strap baby Mai Tie that The Carrying Works  recently purchased.  
It happened to arrive the day that Amy and I were having a trip out to Nottingham so we decided that it was a good opportunity to test it. B is 13 months old, but still fits in some (not all – see the Becco Gemini Review) baby style carriers so we were not worried.

The first thing I have to say about this carrier is it is absolutely beautiful. The colours complement each other and because of the blue straps there is not too much pink. It is also reversible, so you don’t have to think about how you put it on, making quick ups much easier.
My next comment is for a baby size it is huge. B was knee to knee and the panel came well up to his neck. I know that B is small for his age, he still wears lots of 6-9 month clothes, but this would swamp a small baby. For today I thought it would be perfect.

Today is a beautiful spring day, probably nicer than some days we will get in the middle of summer so we are outside a lot, but photography is hard. (These photos were taken by Amy). We caught the train to Nottingham which was B’s first time on a train (he loved it) and opened the wrap on the train. I think B approved of it too!
Firstly to get off the train I popped in on my front. It was really easy to tighten and the padded wrap straps were really comfortable. The material is really soft too.

 We had a short walk out into the station then stopped to rearrange and move him round to my back. Again very comfortable, but I would say that the padding is slightly too long. Once I had done ruck straps the padding was still at B’s knees, so I would suggest if you were having a custom version of this you asked for shorter padding (unless you are super tall). We took a tram out to the arboretum to have lunch followed by a walk around and it was comfortable and supportive.  

After lunch we walked up from the pavilion to the arboretum and all three boys (B and Amy’s 2 boys) walked up the hill. But once at the top they were all shattered so back up B went onto my back again. We had a walk around and sleepy dust ensued. He stayed asleep all the way back into town and through half of my piece of cake, so he was obviously comfy. It was also comfy to sit down in with him on my back.
So in conclusion, this is a large size baby carrier, with surprisingly comfortable padded to wrap straps. If you get a chance to try this I would thoroughly recommend, and I may well have to borrow it again because it is soooooo beautiful.

Photos courtesy of Amy at The Carrying Works


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