How do we support feeding our babies with Alex Wachelka

Parenting Tips for Your Toolbox

Today is the last of the season we talk to Alex Wachelka a Lactation Consultant.

Breastfeeding is pushed on you with often not enough support. This episode will talk about breast and bottle feeding, there will be lots of talk about lactation.

This is a must-listen episode both for those who want to learn more about breastfeeding, but also for those who want to support someone else in there journey.

We talk about some of the many reasons that it can be valuable to get the support of a lactation consultant from pre-birth to toddlers

As someone who’s little one had a tongue tie we talk a little about this and the other issues not just the initial difficulties feeding.

We talk about mental health and the support of knowledge.

We also reference the episodes:
Pelvic floor:


A resource with some terminology:

Find Alex: Instagram, Facebook, web

Don’t worry we will be back in Autumn with season 3!

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